industrial raspberry pi for IoT
Industrial Raspberry Pi for IIoT
April 25, 2022
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Public Transportation Advertising
June 3, 2020

Industrial Automation Solution


Industrial automation is the integration of technology into an industry to reduce even replace human operators.

“No one doubts that industrial automation technology is becoming a critical way to develop sustainable and efficient processes that entered almost every field.”

– Mark Enlargent

From factory automation with remote management systems, farming automation with scheduled irrigation systems, to IoT traffic management with the automatic traffic lights control.

Automated industries from manufacturing to retail, utilities and transportation are using technology in countless ways. From sensors connected to wireless networks that collect data and share data, to process automation operation that uses software technology to build and manage action that can perform manual tasks.

System Requirements

No two businesses are using technology the same way. But almost all systems require a few basic functions

1. Data collection

To collect data from slave devices from sensor, PLC, PID controller, meter, HMI, etc.

2. Edge computing.

A large number of collected data need to be calculated and filtering, that greatly reduces the amount of data uploaded to cloud data center, for network pressure save and data security safety.

3. Data transmission and interoperation.

Data needs to be transmitted and interoperation back and forth between the edge controller and cloud data center, remotely controlling the field equipment according to the conditions.

4. Security

The transmission must be secure to ensure the security of data from the device and operation on the devices

How does Elastel EG410 edge computing Gateway meet industrial automation needs


Data Collection

EG410 edge computing gateway support 1xRS232, 1xRS485, 2xDI, and 2xDO industrial interfaces, also have 1xGigabit Ethernet and 2xUSB ports, which could flexibly acquire data from slave devices through many kinds of protocol, like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OPC-UA, and so on.


Edge Computing

Benefits from Raspberry Pi industrial computing module 4, EG410 has high level hardware spec that CPU up to 1.5G Hz, RAM up to 8GB that powerful computing capability. Besides, with the compatibility of Raspbian OS ecosystem, build up any kind of applications become a easy way.


Data Transmission

EG410 build in 4G/LTE module which support any kinds of cellular networks all over the world, compatible Cat 6 and Cat 4 4G, 3G, 2G, and NB-IoT networks. Besides, EG410 support 2.4G/5.8G WiFi, LoRa connection optionally to meet any field devices needs.


Reliable & Security

With the industrial grade design and CE/FCC certificate proved, EG410 is perfect working in industrial automation environment. Built-in VPN package easily configure any kinds of VPN like OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP. Also install a Zerotier, Wiregard VPN ways elastically.


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